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Amy Fish published her first book, The Art of Complaining Effectively in March 2013. She wrote a complaints column for the West End Times and blogs regularly at Complaint Department.
Amy graduated cum laude (High Honors) from Brandeis University with a double major in American Studies and Psychology. She has an MHSc from the University of Toronto where she did some course work - but didn't finish - a PhD in Industrial Engineering. Amy spent close to five years as an Ombudsman investigating and resolving complaints where she learned a lot about what makes a complaint work. She distilled these tips into an 86 page book illustrated by colourful and humorous examples from every day life. In addition to consulting to organizations regarding complaining, she is now working on her second book: The Art of Complaining Effectively: Friends and Family Edition.
Amy loves public speaking and routinely talks to community organizations, health care agencies, schools and camps.  Her main topics include:
  • How to Complain Effectively (or Kvetching 101)
  • Delivering Bad News (or Telling the Truth Gently)
  • Resolving Complaints
  • 29 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

Amy is married and has three kids.

Book Press

Amy has been interviewed on CBC Marketplace,  CTV and Global TV, and on the radio with Barry Morgan (sorry, no link for that one) and Ric and Suzanne. Book reviews have appeared in  The SuburbanThe West End TimesMontreal Gazette,  and Montreal Families.

Amy and her book were recently featured in the Brooklyn, NY Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Times.

Here's the latest interview for the University of Toronto Alumni Magazine.

Amy's book has been reviewed in a few blogs: Club Mom, aftermom and Matters of Personal Interest.

Amy was featured as a Montreal writer in Sarah Lolley's column Write on Montreal.

The Art of Complaining Effectively has a wide reaching Facebook campaign featuring photos of all kinds of people holding up the book.


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